data class StakeholderInformationDetailsModel(val stakeholderTypesString: List<String>, val stakeholderTypes: List<StakeholderTypeModel?> = { it.getEnum<StakeholderTypeModel>() }, val officerTitles: List<String>?, val percentOwnership: Float?, val firstName: String, val middleName: String?, val lastName: String, val dateOfBirth: String?)

Account stakeholder information.


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constructor(stakeholderTypesString: List<String>, stakeholderTypes: List<StakeholderTypeModel?> = { it.getEnum<StakeholderTypeModel>() }, officerTitles: List<String>?, percentOwnership: Float?, firstName: String, middleName: String?, lastName: String, dateOfBirth: String?)


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@SerialName(value = "date_of_birth")
val dateOfBirth: String?

User date of birth in the format "yyyy-mm-dd".

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@SerialName(value = "first_name")
val firstName: String

User first name.

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@SerialName(value = "last_name")
val lastName: String

User last name.

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@SerialName(value = "middle_name")
val middleName: String?

User middle name.

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@SerialName(value = "officer_titles")
val officerTitles: List<String>?

The job titles for stakeholder type StakeholderTypeModel.OFFICER.

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@SerialName(value = "percent_ownership")
val percentOwnership: Float?

The percentage ownership in the company for type StakeholderTypeModel.BENEFICIAL_OWNER.

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Stakeholder types. Check stakeholderTypesString for any null values.

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@SerialName(value = "stakeholder_types")
val stakeholderTypesString: List<String>

Stakeholder types.