data class DocumentDetailsModel(val documentTypeString: String, val documentType: DocumentTypeModel? = documentTypeString.getEnum<DocumentTypeModel>(), var countryOfIssuance: CountryModel? = null, var file: String?, val barcodeData: String?, val failReasons: List<String>?, val extractedData: DocumentExtractedDataModel?)

Document details.


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constructor(documentTypeString: String, documentType: DocumentTypeModel? = documentTypeString.getEnum<DocumentTypeModel>(), countryOfIssuance: CountryModel? = null, file: String?, barcodeData: String?, failReasons: List<String>?, extractedData: DocumentExtractedDataModel?)


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@SerialName(value = "barcode_data")
val barcodeData: String?

Barcode data in Base64 format

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@SerialName(value = "country_of_issuance")
var countryOfIssuance: CountryModel?

The origin country of the submitted documents

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Document type. Check documentTypeString if null

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@SerialName(value = "type")
val documentTypeString: String

Document type

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@SerialName(value = "extracted_data")
val extractedData: DocumentExtractedDataModel?

Document extracted data via OCR

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@SerialName(value = "fail_reasons")
val failReasons: List<String>?

Document failed reasons

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@SerialName(value = "file")
var file: String?

File in Base64 format