Package-level declarations


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data class AccountDetailsModel(@Json(name = "account_uuid") val accountUuid: String, @Json(name = "type") val typeString: String, @Json(ignore = true) val type: AccountTypeModel? = typeString.getEnum<AccountTypeModel>(), @Json(name = "status") val statusString: String, @Json(ignore = true) val status: AccountStatusModel? = statusString.getEnum<AccountStatusModel>(), @Json(name = "stage") val stageString: String?, @Json(ignore = true) val stage: AccountStageModel? = stageString?.getEnum<AccountStageModel>(), @Json(name = "status_reason") val statusReasonString: String?, @Json(ignore = true) val statusReason: AccountStatusReasonModel? = statusReasonString?.getEnum<AccountStatusReasonModel>(), @Json(name = "external_id") val externalId: String?, @Json(name = "information") val accountInformation: AccountInformationModel, @Json(name = "metadata") val metadata: Map<String, Any>?, @Json(name = "created_at") val createdAt: String, @Json(name = "updated_at") val updatedAt: String)

Account details.

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data class AddressDetailsModel(@Json(name = "address_uuid") val addressUuid: String, @Json(name = "external_id") val externalId: String?, @Json(name = "account_uuid") val accountUuid: String, @Json(name = "primary") val primary: Boolean, @Json(name = "label") val label: String, @Json(name = "line_1") val line1: String, @Json(name = "line_2") val line2: String?, @Json(name = "postal_code") val postalCode: String, @Json(name = "city") val city: String, @Json(name = "state") val state: String, @Json(name = "country") val countryString: String, @Json(ignore = true) val country: CountryModel? = countryString.getEnum<CountryModel>(), @Json(name = "created_at") val createdAt: String, @Json(name = "updated_at") val updatedAt: String) : Address

Address details.

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data class DocumentCaptureDetailsModel(@Json(name = "type") val documentType: DocumentTypeModel, @Json(name = "file") var file: String, @Json(name = "barcode_data") val barcodeData: String?)

Document capture details.

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data class DossierDetailsModel(@Json(name = "external_id") val externalId: String?, @Json(name = "dossier_uuid") val dossierUuid: String, @Json(name = "account_uuid") val accountUuid: String, @Json(name = "primary") val primary: Boolean, @Json(name = "status") val statusString: String, @Json(ignore = true) val status: DossierStatusModel? = statusString.getEnum<DossierStatusModel>(), @Json(name = "status_reason") val statusReason: String?, @Json(name = "created_at") val createdAt: String, @Json(name = "updated_at") val updatedAt: String, @Json(name = "country_of_issuance") val countryOfIssuance: CountryModel? = null, @Json(name = "documents") val userDocuments: List<DocumentDetailsModel> = emptyList())

Dossier details.