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data class CardSensitiveDataModel(@Json(name = "card_pan") val cardPan: String? = null, @Json(name = "card_security_code") val cardSecurityCode: String? = null)

Card Sensitive Data.

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data class IncentiveRuleDetailsModel(    @Json(name = "incentive_rule_uuid") val incentiveRuleUuid: String,     @Json(name = "external_id") val externalId: String,     @Json(name = "incentive_type") val incentiveTypeString: String,     @Json(ignore = true) val incentiveType: IncentiveTypeModel? = incentiveTypeString.getEnum<IncentiveTypeModel>(),     @Json(name = "transaction_type") val transactionTypeString: String?,     @Json(ignore = true) val transactionType: TransactionTypeModel? = transactionTypeString?.getEnum<TransactionTypeModel>(),     @Json(name = "description") val description: String,     @Json(name = "scope") val scopeString: String,     @Json(ignore = true) val scope: IncentiveScopeModel? = scopeString.getEnum<IncentiveScopeModel>(),     @Json(name = "status") val incentiveRuleStatusString: String?,     @Json(ignore = true) val incentiveRuleStatus: IncentiveRuleStatusModel? = incentiveRuleStatusString?.getEnum<IncentiveRuleStatusModel>(),     @Json(name = "value") val value: IncentiveValueModel,     @Json(name = "merchants") val merchants: IncentiveMerchantsModel? = null,     @Json(name = "expiration_rules") val expirationRules: ExpirationRulesModel? = null,     @Json(name = "created_at") val createdAt: String,     @Json(name = "updated_at") val updatedAt: String)

Incentive Rule Details.

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data class IssuedCardDetailsModel(    @Json(name = "external_id") val externalId: String,     @Json(name = "card_uuid") val cardUuid: String,     @Json(name = "wallet_uuid") val walletUuid: String,     @Json(name = "product_id") val productId: String,     @Json(name = "type") val typeString: String,     @Json(ignore = true) val type: CardTypeModel? = typeString.getEnum<CardTypeModel>(),     @Json(name = "status") val statusString: String,     @Json(ignore = true) val status: CardStatusModel? = statusString.getEnum<CardStatusModel>(),     @Json(name = "status_reason") val statusReason: String? = null,     @Json(name = "brand") val brandString: String,     @Json(ignore = true) val brand: CardBrandModel? = brandString.getEnum<CardBrandModel>(),     @Json(name = "initial_balance") val initialBalance: Int? = null,     @Json(name = "shipping_address") val shippingAddress: ShippingAddressModel,     @Json(name = "auth_rules") val authRules: AuthRulesModel,     @Json(name = "emboss_id") val embossId: String? = null,     @Json(name = "custom_fields") val customFields: CustomFieldsModel,     @Json(name = "service_fees") val serviceFees: List<ServiceFeeModel>? = null,     @Json(name = "metadata") val metadata: Map<String, Any> = mapOf(),     @Json(name = "blocked") val isBlocked: Boolean = false,     @Json(name = "pin_set") val isPinSet: Boolean = false,     @Json(name = "card_expiration") val cardExpiration: String,     @Json(name = "last_4") val last4: String,     @Json(name = "incentive_rule_uuids") val incentiveRuleUuids: List<String>? = null,     @Json(name = "created_at") val createdAt: String,     @Json(name = "updated_at") val updatedAt: String)

Issued Card Details.